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Jukonski Truck Sales Credit Application

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Authorization To Conduct a Credit Investigation

The undersigned certifies that the information contained in this financing application is true and correct and authorizes Jukonski Truck Sales, a division of VFS US LLC, its affiliates and subsidiaries or person to whom this application is made and any credit bureau or investigative agency to investigate the information contained within this application and obtain information about the undersigned’s accounts and credit experience. The undersigned authorizes all parties contacted to release credit and financial information requested as a part of said investigation. Jukonski Truck Sales, or person to whom this application is made, may also disclose information about the undersigned to other lenders and credit bureaus and other persons including entities affiliated and associated with Jukonski Truck Sales. The undersigned certifies they are not subject to any prohibitions under any regulation or orders of the U.S. dept. of treasury’s office of foreign assets control. The undersigned also certifies that they do not engage in any transactions prohibited by any U.S. laws. This shall be continuing authorization for all present and future inquiries and disclosures of account information and credit experience on the undersigned made by Jukonski Truck Sales, its affiliates and subsidiaries or person to whom this application is made or any person requested to release such information.
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