Bluegrass International Credit Application

Applicant Information

Principal Owners Or Officers

Bank Reference

Must have account number.

Trade References

Must list three businesses you have an active convenience account with. Not Credit Cards, Utilities or Buy Here/Pay Here. To expedite account approval, please contact your references and ask them to return the Reference Request as soon as possible.


By typing my name into the field below, the undersigned certifies that the information given above is true and complete and authorizes Bluegrass International, its subsidiaries and their assigns or potential assigns, or any other lender that this application is submitted to, to investigate the above information and the undersigned's accounts and credit experience. Bluegreass International credit experience and account information on the undersigned. This shall be a continuing authorization for all present and future disclosures of account information and credit experience on the undersigned by Bluegrass Internaional, or any person requested to release such information to Bluegrass International.

Please enter the text from the image, without spaces. Letters are not case-sensitive.